Role of the Ombudsman

If a customer is dissatisfied with the way a complaint has been handled by an electricity, gas, water, or sewerage entity, a complaint may be lodged with the Ombudsman.

The Energy Ombudsman Act 1998 provides that the Ombudsman receive, investigate and resolve complaints concerning any service of, or relating to the sale and supply of gas or electricity by, an energy entity.

In relation to the water and sewerage industry, the Ombudsman Act 1978 provides that the Ombudsman initiates, investigates and resolves complaints concerning the provision of regulated water and sewerage services.

The Regulator has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ombudsman. The Memorandum provides that the Ombudsman make available to the Regulator information regarding any systemic issues identified in relation to industry compliance with the various regulatory instruments.

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