​​2022 Water and Sewerage Price Investigation
The Regulator has completed its investigation of TasWater's proposed Price and Service Plan for the period starting 1 July 2022.​
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The Economic Regulator is responsible for the economic regulation of the Tasmanian water and sewerage sector. TasWater is the only regulated service provider in Tasmania.

The Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008 establishes the regulatory framework to apply to the industry, including independent regulatory oversight, customer service standards, price regulation and performance monitoring and reporting. 

The Regulator:
  • administers the licensing system;

  • establishes and administers the Customer Service Code;

  • regulates prices, terms and conditions for water and sewerage services;

  • monitors and reports the performance of the water and sewerage industry; and

  • carries out other functions as set out in the Act and its subordinate legislation.

TasWater's service standard obligations are set out in the Customer Service Code.
It must also adopt appropriate management practices in relation to asset management, emergency management and regulatory compliance. TasWater's performance is reviewed and reported on through State of the Industry Reports prepared by the Regulator.

Prices for regulated water and sewerage services are proposed by TasWater and, after a detailed investigation process, maximum prices are set by the Regulator.

Customer Protection

TasWater must have its own procedures to handle customer complaints. These procedures must be consistent with recognised Australian Standards.

If a customer is dissatisfied with the way a complaint has been handled, a complaint may be lodged with the ​Ombudsman.