OTTER Customer Consultative Committee

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The OTTER Customer Consultative Committee (OCCC) is an advisory committee appointed in accordance with the Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995, Gas Industry Act 2019 and Water and Sewerage Act Industry Act 2008. The OCCC was established in August 2009 and replaces the Energy Customer Consultative Committee, established May 2004, and prior to that the Gas and Electricity Customer Consultative Committees. The role of the Committee was expanded to advise the Regulator on customer issues relating to the water and sewerage sector in addition to issues of importance to electricity and gas customers.

The OCCC is an important part of the regulatory framework for the electricity, natural gas and water and sewerage supply industries. It ensures that groups representing customer interests are informed as to developments in the industry and that the Regulator is informed of issues from the perspective of those groups.

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