Current Consultations

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It is the Regulator's policy to publish written submissions to matters being consulted on the OTTER's website. A respondent may request that the submission, or part of it, be treated as confidential. The material for which a request of confidentiality is made should be clearly identified.

Current Consultations

April 2019

The Regulator's minimum requirements for the information that should be included in TasWater's proposed price and service plan for each regulatory period are set out in a price and service plan guideline issued by the Regulator.

The guideline informs TasWater of the Regulator’s requirements and is designed to ensure that the price determination investigation is conducted efficiently by reducing the amount of additional information TasWater is required to supply during the investigation. The guideline also provides information on how the investigation will be conducted (including consultation) and specifies the actions TasWater must take in preparing its proposed price and service plan.

The Regulator invites written comments on its Draft PSP Guideline in relation to the preparation and approval of TasWater's proposed price and service plan for the fourth regulatory period commencing 1 July 2021. The draft Guideline also seeks feedback from stakeholders on the duration of the fourth regulatory period.

Submissions close 5:00pm on 31 May 2019.

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