Water and Sewerage Regulation in Tasmania

​The  Regulator is responsible for implementing and administering the water and sewerage regulatory framework in accordance with the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008 (Industry Act) and its subordinate legislation.

The regulatory framework includes:

  • the licensing regime;
  • customer service framework;
  • price regulation;
  • regulatory compliance monitoring;
  • performance monitoring and reporting;
  • complaints handling and dispute resolution;
  • interim licensing and pricing arrangements; and
  • miscellaneous issues such as asset management, metering and other regulatory matters.

In carrying out its functions, the Regulator takes into account the objectives of the legislation, which are:

  • to protect the long-term interests of customers; and
  • to provide for the safe, environmentally responsible, efficient and sustainable provision of reliable and secure water services and sewerage services to the Tasmanian community.

To avoid duplication between economic, environmental, public health, water management, dam safety and fire service regulation the Regulator consults, on an ongoing basis, with the Director of the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority, the Director of Public Health, the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, the Dam Safety Regulator and the Tasmania Fire Service .

Under the Industry Act, the Regulator is responsible for:

  • developing and issuing licences, codes and guidelines;
  • co-ordinating and drafting the State of the Industry Reports;
  • undertaking price determination investigations and making price determinations;
  • providing input, as requested, into regulatory policy issues; and
  • conducting other inquiries as requested by the Minister.

The Industry Act also includes administrative penalty provisions whereby the Regulator may impose financial penalties on licensed providers of water and sewerage services who fail to comply with the Industry​ Act or an order made by the Regulator in accordance with the Industry Act.

Further details of the responsibilities and functions of the Regulator are set out in the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008.

The regulatory framework for the Tasmanian water and sewerage industry is shown in Figure 1.1 on page 4 of the Regulator's 2015-16 Tasmanian Water and Sewerage State of the Industry Report​.

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