Performance Reporting

​One of the Regulator's key concerns is the performance of the Tasmanian water and sewerage industry. The Regulator aims to ensure that the interests of customers are not compromised by below standard service from the monopoly suppliers in the State. Public reporting is a powerful incentive for the industry to maintain and improve performance.

Prior to July 2015, the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008 (the Industry Act) required the Regulator to prepare a State of the Industry Report (SOIR) each year examining the performance of the Tasmanian water and sewerage industry. The Report was published on or before 1 April each year and tabled in the Parliament within seven sitting days of its finalisation.

Following the restructure of the Regulator in July 2015 and amendment to the Industry Act, the Regulator will prepare a SOIR within three months before a regulated entity is required to submit a proposed price and service plan, or at any other time when directed to do so by the Minister. All reports will be made available on this website.

In preparing the Report, the Regulator is required to consult with the Director of Public Health, the Director of the Environment Protection Authority, the Secretary of the responsible Department in relation to the Water Management Act 1999​ and any other person that the Regulator considers appropriate.

The objective of the Report is to publicly assess the performance of licensed providers of water and sewerage services.

The Report includes an overview of the performance of the water and sewerage industry and identifies key priorities for improved performance of the industry.

TasWater, the sole licensed entity in Tasmania from 1 July 2013, is required to provide annual reports to the Regulator on its performance against measures outlined in the Performance and Information Reporting Guideline​..

For further information on the State of the Industry Reports click here.

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