Licence Applications

Pursuant to the Gas Industry Act 2019, the Regulator is responsible for administering the licensing system for gas licensees, and determining applications for a licence authorising a gas activity. The Regulator has the authority to consider and determine gas licence applications. Under the Gas Industry Act, within 40 business days of receiving an application for the grant of a licence or the provision of any further relevant information required under section 21(5) of the Act in relation to an application, whichever is the later, the Regulator must determine the application.

The Gas Industry Act outlines the matters that the Regulator may consider in deciding whether to grant a licence authorising a gas activity. The Regulator's jurisdiction does not include local government, planning or environmental issues.

Gas Licence Application Form:

  Application form for a Gas Licence under the Gas Industry Act 2019

An application for a licence authorising a gas activity under the Gas Industry Act must be accompanied by an application fee of an amount that the Regulator considers is required to meet the reasonable costs of the Regulator in determining the application. The application fee payable is 635 fee units for a gas retail licence, and 1 270 fee units for a gas infrastructure licence. Please contact the Office if you are unsure what your application fee will be.

For more information on the setting of annual gas licence fees please click here​.​


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