Licence Applications

Pursuant to the Gas Legislation (the Gas Pipelines Act 2000 and Gas Act 2000), the Regulator is responsible for administering the licensing system for gas entities. The Regulator has the authority to consider and determine gas licence applications, and can refuse or issue gas licences. Under the Gas legislation, the Regulator must make a determination within in 60 days of receiving an application.

The Gas Legislation outlines the matters that the Regulator may consider in deciding whether to grant a gas licence. The Regulator's jurisdiction does not include local government, planning or environmental issues.

Gas Licence Application Forms:

  Gas Pipelines Licence Application Form (Version 4, July 2014)   (178Kb)

  Gas Distribution and Retail Licence Application Form (Version 5, July 2014)   (174Kb)

The licence application fee for an application for a gas pipeline licence under the Gas Pipelines Act 2000 is 5000 fee units. The value of a fee unit is available from Treasury‚Äč.

The Regulator does not currently charge an application fee for applications for distribution and retail licences made under the Gas Act 2000. Please contact the office if you are unsure of what the application fee for your application will be.

For more information on the setting of annual gas licence fees please click here.

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