​There are a number of regulatory instruments that support the gas industry structure. The key instruments include:

Gas Act 2000

This Act regulates the distribution and retailing of gas in Tasmania. It includes provisions for the appointment of the Regulator, the Director of Gas Safety and for the licensing of gas distributors and retailers.

Gas ​Pipelines Act 20​0​0

This Act regulates the construction and operation of gas pipeline facilities in Tasmania.

Gas Pipelines Regulations 2014​

These regulations deal with, amongst other things, applications for transmission licences and the contents of gas safety cases.

Natural Gas Pipeline Access Agreement (NGPAA)

The Natural Gas Pipeline Access Arrangement (NGPAA) was entered into on 7 November 1997 between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments and provides for certain principles to apply to access negotiations and for the National Gas Code to be given effect through a uniform Gas Pipelines Access Law.

The NGPAA provides for the Gas Pipelines Access Law to be included in schedules to South Australian legislation and for this Law to be applied in turn by the other parties to the NGPAA by means of application legislation.

Natural Gas Law

The National Gas Law is set out in the Schedule to the National Gas (South Australia) Act 2008. It applies as a law of Tasmania under section 7 of the National Gas (Tasmania) Act 2008​ and contains detailed provisions concerning the natural gas pipeline access arrangement. ​