Typical Customers

​​​Customer electricity usage information is used by the Regulator:

  • to assess Aurora Energy's proposed standing offer electricity prices in terms of the impact of price changes on customers; and
  • in comparing Tasmanian and interstate standing offer electricity prices.

As customers have different tariff combinations and usage, the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator (OTTER) has periodically prepared a set of Typical Customers based on electricity usage data provided by Aurora Energy. These Typical Customers reports, prepared since 2006, present common groups of customers.

The most recent report is the Typical Electricity Customers in Tasmania 2020 Report​ published in February 2020. Standing offer price comparison reports over the next three years or so will be based on the findings of this report.

Recent Typical Customer Reports are shown below​​:

  Typical Electricity Customers Report 2017   (506Kb)

  Typical Electricity Customers Information Paper 2014   (366Kb)​

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