Performance Reporting

One of the Regulator's key roles is to monitor and report on the performance of the Tasmanian electricity supply industry. In carrying out this role, the Regulator aims to ensure that the interests of customers are not compromised by a low standard of service from the monopoly suppliers operating in the State. Public reporting is a powerful incentive for the industry to maintain and improve performance.

All licensed entities are required to provide annual and/or quarterly reports to the Regulator on the entity's performance against agreed standards, indicators and targets set out in the Regulator's Electricity Supply Industry Performance and Information Reporting Guideline. OTTER reviews this data and compiles the information into a comprehensive report of the performance of the electricity supply industry.

The resultant Energ​y in Tasmania​ Report is a key source of information on the structure of the industry, its recent performance and the outlook in terms of reliability in the medium term (the next three to five years).

Under the Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995, the Regulator is required to prepare industry performance reports at least once in every three-year period, on its own initiative or when directed to do so by the Minister.

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