Incident Reporting

The Regulator's objectives under the Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 include the establishment and enforcement of proper standards of safety, security, reliability and quality in the electricity supply industry; and the protection of the interests of consumers.

Incidents that occur in the electricity supply industry can provide valuable insight into vulnerable points in the electricity supply chain that may impact on the level of reliability, security and quality of supply of electricity to consumers. Significant incidents or recurrent smaller incidents may highlight such matters as poor maintenance procedures, inadequate services and facilities or inadequate processes and procedures. It is important that electricity entities adequately respond to these incidents through investigation, reporting, and elimination or control of the underlying causes.

The Regulator has published a Guideline on Incident Reporting for the Tasmanian Electricity Supply Industry. The Guideline details incident reporting requirements, with the level of investigation and reporting dependent on the impact of the incident on customers.

Where incidents are significant, the Guideline requires a comprehensive investigation to be undertaken such that causes are determined and recommendations made to address any identified issues. These are detailed in a report to the Regulator. The Regulator monitors progress in the implementation of recommendations.

Incident reports form an input to entities' planning processes and operating procedures and a valuable input to the Regulator's Network Reliability Review. The Regulator disseminates information regarding significant incidents through Summary Reports of Incidents published on the Regulator's website and the Regulator's Energy in Tasmania Performance Report.

The Regulator's incident reporting framework complements AEMO reports of incidents affecting the Tasmanian power system, prepared by AEMO under the National Electricity Rules.   

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