Past Distribution Licences, Notices and Amendments


Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd (Licence transferred from Aurora Energy Pty Ltd)

  TasNetworks Notice of Transfer 1 (1 July 2014)   (236Kb)

  TasNetworks Distribution Licence June 2014   (192Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Licence December 2012   (126Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Notice of Amendment 1 (30 November 2012)   (194Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Licence December 2008   (96Kb)
  Aurora Notice of Renewal December 2008   (56Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Licence January 2008   (93Kb)
  Notice of Amendment - multiple (1 January 2008)   (87Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Licence May 2005   (72Kb)
  Aurora Notice of Amendment No 2 (24 May 2005)   (65Kb)​
  Aurora Distribution Licence November 2004   (184Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Notice of Amendment 1 (26 November 2004)   (94Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Licence October 2001   (192Kb)
  Aurora Distribution Licence December 1998   (48Kb)

Hydro-Electric Corporation
The Hydro-Electric Corporation (now Hydro Tasmania) was the holder of a presumptive licence under the Electricity Supply Industry Restructuring (Savings and Transitional Provisions) Act 1995 for conducting:

  • generation, transmission, distribution and retailing operations on mainland Tasmania; and
  • generation, distribution, and retailing operations on the Bass Strait Islands.

In January 1997, Hydro Tasmania made a licence application for conducting these operations. Consequently, Hydro Tasmania's presumptive licence would continue until such time as a licence for these operations was issued to the company.

It is noted that following the disaggregation of Hydro-Electric Corporation, licences for transmission, distribution and retailing operations on mainland Tasmania were later granted to Transend Networks and Aurora Energy respectively.

In the meantime, Hydro Tasmania entered an interim agreement with the Regulator in 1999 concerning the relevant operations.

In 2004, Hydro Tasmania submitted another licence application relating only to its generation operations on mainland Tasmania. The Regulator granted a generation licence in accordance with the application and published a report detailing the process and the reasons for the decision.

Hydro Tasmania's presumptive licence was for its operations on the Bass Strait Islands continued to operate until a licence was issued by the Regulator in August 2013.

  Hydro BSI Distribution Licence August 2013   (343Kb)​

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