Electricity Licences Issued

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Effective Date
Expiry Date
Effective Date of Last Amendment
Current Licence
Other relevant documents
Retail on the Bass Strait Islands
(Note: To retail electricity on Mainland Tasmania, a retailer must obtain a retailer authorisation from the Australian Energy Regulator)
Hydro Electric Corporation (Hydro Tasmania)
28 August 2013
  Hydro BSI Retail Amendment (7 November 2017)   (2Mb)
  Hydro Bass Strait Islands Retail Licence November 2017   (158Kb)​

Past Retail Licences, Notices and A​mendment
Hydro Electric Corporation (Hydro 
(second licence relates only to operations
on the Bass Strait Islands)
26 November 2014
25 November 2024
  Hydro Notice of Amendment (7 November 2017)   (3Mb)

28 August 2013

 Hydro BSI Notice of Amendment No.1 (23 January 2024) (PDF 529Kb)

 Hydro BSI Generation Licence (January 2024​) (PDF 208Kb)​

Woolnorth Bluff Point Wind Farm 
Pty Ltd
27 May 2022
26 May 2032

 Bluff Point Notice of Renewal (27 May 2022) (PDF 685Kb)

 Bluff Point Generation Licence (May 27 2022) (PDF 847Kb)​

Woolnorth Studland Bay Wind Farm 
Pty Ltd
13 January 2016
12 January 2026
  Studland Bay Notice of Amendment No 1 (27 June 2017)   (4Mb)

LMS Energy Pty Ltd
24 January 2016
23 January 2026

 LMS Energy Notice of Amendment No. 5 (29 November 2021) (PDF 424Kb)

 LMS Energy Pty Ltd Generation Licence (29 November 2021) (PDF 458Kb)​

Pty Ltd
12 July 2017
11 July 2027
  AETV Generation Amendment 7 November 2017   (2Mb)
  AETV Generation Licence (November 2017)   (271Kb)​
Musselroe Wind Farm 
Pty Ltd
2 August 2017
1 August 2027
  Musselroe Notice of Renewal (27 June 2017)   (675Kb)

Tasmanian Irrigation 
Pty Ltd
1 January 2018
31 December 2027
  Tas Irrigation Notice of Renewal (3 October 2017)   (498Kb)
  Tas Irrigation Generation Licence January 2018   (161Kb)

Grinkin Pty Ltd
​25 September 2017​24 September 2027

 Grinkin Notice of Transfer  (PDF 608Kb)

 Grinkin Generation Licence July 2023 (PDF 189Kb)​

Simplot Australia 
Pty Ltd
1 July 2022
30 June 2032

 Notice of Renewal - Simplot Australia - April 2022 (PDF 230Kb)

 Simplot Australia Licence 2022 to 2032 (1 July 2022) (PDF 224Kb)​

​ACEN Robbins Island Pty Ltd
5 October 2018
4 October 2028​

 ACEN Robbins Island Pty Ltd - Notice of Amendment No. 4 (3 March 2023) (PDF 479Kb)

 ACEN Robbins Island Pty Ltd - Electricity Generation Licence (3 March 2023) (PDF 197Kb)​

​Wild Cattle Hill Pty Ltd
31 M​ay 2019​30 May 2029

  Wild Cattle Hill Notice of Amendment (26 October 2020)   (272Kb)

  Wild Cattle Hill Pty Ltd Electricity Generation Licence (October 2020)   (338Kb)

​Granville Harbour Operations
Pty Ltd
1 October 2019​

30 September 2029

  Granville Harbour Operation Notice of Amendment (26 October 2020)   (272Kb)

  Granville Harbour October 2020 Electricity Generation Licence (October 2020)   (338Kb)​

Past Generation Licences, Not​​ices and Amendments
Marinus Link Pt​y Ltd

​3 September 2021
​2 September 2031

 Statement of Reasons - Marinus Link Pty Ltd (PDF 1Mb)

 Electricity Transmission Licence - Marinus Link Pty Ltd (PDF 3Mb)

Tasmanian Networks
Pty Ltd
21 December 2018
20 December 2028

 TasNetworks Notice of Amendment No 2 (8 June 2023) (PDF 564Kb)

 TasNetworks Transmission Licence (8 June 2023) (PDF 147Kb)​

Basslink Pt​y Ltd
1 August 2022
31 July 2032

 Basslink Notice of Renewal (21 June 2022) (PDF 633Kb)

 Basslink Pty Ltd Transmission Licence (June 2022) (PDF 227Kb)​

Past Transmission Licences, Notices and Amendments
Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd
21 December 2018
20 December 2028

  TasNetworks Notice of Renewal (9 November 2018)   (472Kb)

  TasNetworks Distribution Licence November 2018   (103Kb)

Hydro Electric Corporation (Hydro Tasmania)
(Bass Strait Islands operations only)
28 August 2013
  Hydro BSI Distribution Licence November 2017   (168Kb)​​

Past Distribution Licences, Notices and Amendments

Presumptive Licence Holders

The Electricity Supply Industry Restructuring (Savings and Transitional Provisions) Act 1995 (ESIR Act) notes that industry participants at the time of commencement of that Act were presumed to have a licence under the Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 (ESI Act) in order to operate.

A presumptive licence ended at the expiry of 6 months from the commencement of the ESIR Act unless the participant applied  for a licence under the ESI Act. If they applied within that time, the presumptive licence would remain effective pending the determination of the application.

In addition to applications by Transend Networks and Aurora Energy, a number of applications for licences were received from generators. Most of those generators are, by virtue of their capacity and the provisions of the Electricity Supply Industry ​​Regulations 2018, exempt from the requirement to hold a licence. The following table lists the current presumptive licences under the ESIR Act.

29 April 1997
Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Company Pty Ltd
Steam driven alternator boiler fuelled by waste furnace gas; 12.5MW maximum continuous rating; connection: permanent connection via circuit breaker to TEMCO 22kv distribution network within TEMCO plant; cogeneration.
No licence fee payable (exported to the grid once in the past).
2 May 1997
ABN: 73-328-550-841
Cape Barren Island Aboriginal Association Incorporated
40kw-120v Butler Solar, 2xJohn Deere 90KVA diesel generators; connection: via - LV underground cable from power stations to T/F; supply and sale.
(184KW) - No licence fee payable. ​

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