Distribution Network Reliability Reporting Review


The Tasmanian Electricity Code sets out detailed arrangements for the regulation of the Tasmanian electricity supply industry and is provided for and enforceable under the Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 (the Act). Reliability standards are set out in clauses 4A.4 and 8.6.11 of the Code, for the Bass Strait Islands (BSI) and mainland Tasmania, respectively. 

The Electricity Supply Industry Performance and Information Reporting Guideline, September 2014 (Guideline) builds upon the reporting requirements in the Code,and sets out the performance information required in mandatory quarterly performance reports, for both mainland Tasmania and the BSI.

In December 2016, TasNetworks requested amendments to the Code to better align the Regulator's performance reporting requirements with those of the Australian Energy Regulator​​'s Distribution Reliability Measures Guideline (DRMG). The AER was consulting on proposed changes to the DRMG at that time. TasNetworks subsequently advised that, as of 1 July 2017, it had started collecting reliability performance data on a customer number basis, rather than the connected-kVA basis that had been used until that time, to align with the approach taken by all interstate Distribution Network Service Providers and to comply with the DRMG Guideline. TasNetworks has been reporting on this basis since the first quarter of the 2017/18 financial year.

In February 2020, the Regulator commenced a more detailed review of the Code and Guideline. The aim of this Review was to ensure that the the Code and Guideline were up-to-date and aligned with one another, and that the requested performance data are sufficient and appropriate for the Regulator's assessment of network reliability performance.​​

A consultation paper was distributed on 15 December 2020. 
A copy of this paper is available below:

pdf Distribution Network Reliability Reporting Review 2020 - Consultation Paper   (1Mb)​

Submissions were due by 5pm, 29 January 2021

One submission was received from TasNetworks and is available below:

  TasNetworks Submission - Review of the Distribution Network Reliability Standards   (517Kb)​​

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