Electricity Statement of Regulatory Intent - Wholesale Contract Regulation

​2016 Statement of Regulatory Intent

The Statement sets the conditions and process the Regulator may follow to step in and fix regulated wholesale contract prices in the event that Hydro Tasmania failed to correctly apply the approved methodology when calculating prices or a supply disruption event occurred​.

The Statement also outlines the process for the Regulator to follow in updating the inputs listed in Schedule 1 of the Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument.

As part of the finalisation of its Review of the Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument, on 21 December 2016, the Regulator released its Statement of Regulatory Intent.

2014 Statement of Regulatory Intent

The Regulator sought comment on its Draft Statement of Regulatory Intent with respect to wholesale contract regulation.

The Regulator prepared a Consultation Paper inviting comments on the draft Statement.

Submissions closed on Friday 28 March 2014.

The Regulator received one submission:

  Hydro Tasmania Regulatory Intent   (306Kb)

After considering the comments made in submission, the Regulator released the final Statement of Regulatory Intent along with the Statement of Reasons on 15 April 2014.
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