2022 Standing Offer Investigation and Determination

Standing Offer Methodology Review

In August 2020, The Regulator decided to review the methodology it uses in determining Aurora Energy's retail electricity (standing offer) prices during its next price investigation and in its next price determination.

The Regulator's proposed approach to determining standing offer prices in its 2022 Standing Offer Price Determination (2022 Determination) is set out in its draft Retail Electricity Standing Offer Price Methodology Review - Approach Paper. ​

The Paper summarises the Regulator's proposed approach to determining the maximum standing offer prices Aurora Energy, as the regulated offer retailer, can charge small customers in Tasmania (including Bruny Island) on standard retail contracts (regulated tariffs) for the supply of electricity from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2025. This Paper does not apply to Aurora Energy's prices for customers on market retail contracts.

The Paper also compares the proposed approaches with the methods applied under the current, 2016 Standing Offer Price Determination. It also sets out the Regulator's proposed approach to approving annual standing offer prices under the 2022 Determination.


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