2013 Determination

​​Roll forward of the 2010 Determination for six months

As part of the May 2012 'Energy for the Future' reforms, the 2010 Declared Electrical Services Price Determination (2010 Determination) was to be 'rolled forward' for six months to coincide with the planned commencement of retail competition on 1 January 2014.​

To allow this to occur, the Government at that time remade the Electricity Supply Industry (Price Control and Related Matters) Regulations 2012 (the Regulations) on 24 October 2012 to give the Regulator the power to make a new determination, the 2013 Determination.

Under these regulations the Regulator was required to make the 2013 Determination without having to revoke the current declaration of electrical services, conduct an investigation, or prepare draft and final reports as would normally occur.

The regulations are very prescriptive in nature and essentially required the Regulator to adopt the methodologies approved for the 2010 Determination and to adjust the values used for the 2012-13 electricity price reset to reflect CPI changes.

Here is a link to the Determination and the associated Guideline Approval of Retail Tariffs in accordance with the 2013 Determination​.

More information about the tariff approvals for the period 1 July 2013 to 31 December 2013 is available here.

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