Energy Security Monitor and Assessor

The Regulator is the Tasmanian energy security Monitor and Assessor.

The Monitor and Assessor provides independent oversight and transparent public reporting on Tasmania’s energy security status.

The Monitor and Assessor’s reports cover both electricity and gas generation and are informed primarily by data provided by relevant energy entities and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Public reporting includes monthly reports (or “dashboards”) and an annual review of the previous water year  which includes an assessment of the forthcoming water year.

A “water year” commences at the end of the winter/wet period for Tasmania (ie beginning of November). This approach aligns with the end of the high point for inflows to Hydro Tasmania’s water catchments and best informs forecasting for the upcoming 12 month period.


The Tasmanian Government established an Energy Security Taskforce following significant challenges to Tasmanian energy supply during 2015-16. The Taskforce’s role was to advise the Government on how it could better prepare for, and mitigate against, risks to Tasmania’s energy security.

The Taskforce provided its Final Report and recommendations to the Government in June 2017. Among the Taskforce’s recommendations was that the Government establish a Tasmanian energy security Monitor and Assessor, to provide independent oversight and regular transparent public reporting of the energy security situation in Tasmania. The  Tasmanian  Economic  Regulator  was  formally  assigned  the  role  of  Energy Security  Monitor  and Assessor under section 8A of the Energy Co-ordination and Planning Act 1995

To satisfy the objectives of its role as Monitor and Assessor, the Regulator is required to publish:

  • a monthly energy security dashboard; and
  • an annual energy security review.

The information presented in these reports comes primarily from relevant energy entities and NEM-Review™ (