​Industry Guidelines and Standards Issued by the Regulator

The Regulator releases guidelines and policies from time to time to assist regulated entities comply with their respective regulatory obligations and to ensure stakeholders are aware of, the manner in which the Regulator performs its functions and exercises its powers under law.

Guidelines released by the Regulator in relation to the electricity and water and sewerage industries are shown in the following table along with guidelines and policies that apply across the electricity, gas, and water and sewerage industries.

Electricity guidelines
Water and Sewerage
Across industry guidelines and policies

  Guideline Standing offer price approval process in accordance with the 2016 Standing Offer Determination (28 April 2016)   (140Kb)

  Guideline Incident Reporting for the Tasmanian Electricity Supply Industry July 2014   (484Kb)

  Electricity Supply Industry Performance and Information Reporting Guideline September 2014   (563Kb)

  Guideline Tasmanian Annual Planning Statement July 2014   (311Kb)

  Guideline Dealing with information provided under division 3 of part 3 of ESI Act   (221Kb)​

  Guideline Guaranteed Service Level Scheme July 2012   (284Kb)

  Electricity Wholesale Contract Guideline December 2016   (397Kb)

  Water and Sewerage Performance and Information Reporting Guideline November 2016   (438Kb)

  Water and Sewerage Accounting Ring Fencing Guideline March 2016   (542Kb)

  Water and Sewerage Regulatory Accounts Template March 2016   (553Kb)​

  Water and Sewerage Price and Service Plan Guideline November 2013   (429Kb)

  Water and Sewerage Price and Service Plan Guideline June 2016   (600Kb)
  Consultation Policy and Procedures November 2016   (269Kb)

  Compliance Enforcement Policy July 2015   (209Kb)

  Policy on the Treatment of Confidential Submissions July 2014   (111Kb)

  Regulatory Reporting Guideline July 2014   (245Kb)​

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