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Pricing - Price Comparisons
APAYG Price Comparison ReportsStanding Offer Price Comparison ReportsDistribution Network Charges Comparison Reports Prices and BillsTypical Customer Methodology

Aurora Pay As You Go Price Comparison Reports

Aurora Pay As You Go (APAYG) is a prepayment option offered to residential customers as an alternative to having electricity supplied under Standing Offer tariffs.

The Regulator does not regulate APAYG prices but compares APAYG prices with regulated (Standing Offer) prices through annual prepayment price comparison reports. The reports also compare the costs facing APAYG and Standing Offer customers who receive a concession.

Here is a link to the Regulator's latest report:

APAYG Price Comparison Report (rates as at 23 July 2016)

Previous APAYG Price Comparison Reports

Standing Offer Price Comparison Reports

The Comparison of Australian Standard Offer Energy Prices Report compares Tasmanian and other Australian jurisdictions’ regulated (standing offer) electricity tariffs and natural gas prices.

In particular, the Report compares the prices paid by residential and small business customers per unit of consumption for electricity and natural gas in cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) and cents per mega joule (MJ) respectively.

Here is a link to the Regulator's latest report:

Comparison of Australian Standing Offer Energy Prices Report as at 1 August 2016

Previous Standing Offer Price Comparison Reports

Distribution Network Charges Comparison Reports

Following the transfer of regulatory responsibility for distribution services to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) on 1 July 2012, stakeholders seeking information about distribution network charges should contact the AER on telephone number: (03) 9290 1800 or by visiting the AER’s website:

The Comparison of 2011 Australian Electricity Distribution Network Charges Report compares the distribution network charges available to small customers across Australian states by comparing distribution use of system charges embedded in standing offer prices as at 1 August 2011. It examines the fixed and variable charges underlying the tariffs using the same methodology to compare tariffs as the Comparison of 2011 Australian Standing Offer Energy Prices Report.

Comparison of 2011 Australian Electricity Distribution Network Charges Report

Previous Network Charges Comparison Reports

Typical Customer Methodology
Price comparison are based on the typical customer methodology established by the Regulator in the Information Paper Typical Electricity Customers, March 2006. The methodology describes a set of "typical customers" based on consumption patterns and the combination of tariffs from which they are supplied. In September 2010, OTTER released an update to the information paper, Typical Electricity Customers, September 2010 which redefines typical residential and business customers based on 2009-10 consumption data and available regulated tariffs.

In June 2014, OTTER released an updated information paper, the Typical Electricity Customers Information Paper, May 2014 which redefines typical residential and business customers based on 2012-13 consumption data and the approved standing offer prices available as at 1 January 2014.

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